Thursday, May 25, 2017

2017 Summer Bucket List

So here it is...our annual Summer Family Bucket List.
If you decide to do a bucket list too, let us know.  We'd love to see what everyone else is doing too!!  
Now to get started on crossing things off!

Make homemade pretzels
Try a new food (for mom and for kids)
Kids plan and cook dinner (each kid) (C: 7/13, M: 7/14)
Visit the ISU Horticulture Center Children's Garden (6/28/17)
Go to Lambert's Cafe (in Missouri) (7/23)
Create a travel bug (Geocache) and send it on its way (7/25)
Find a geocache in every state we visit this summer (This summer we have geocached in Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Iowa)
Walk 100 miles as a family
Try a new restaurant in town 
Go to a White Sox Game (7/30)
Road trip to Oklahoma (7/25)
Go to Mrs. Wilcox's House....again (7/21)
Playdate with the Rizzo family (6/26/17)
Go to Six Flags at least 4 times (we went at least 4 times by 6/4/17)
Playdate/Visit Milwaukee Friends
Plant a new herb/fruit/vegetable in the garden (this year we are trying boston lettuce and orange peppers as our new veggies)
Go to Monkey Joe's (7/25)
Eat at Sugar in Peoria (Changed our minds due to current menu and went to Firehouse Pizza instead)
Paint 2 bedrooms (and move Matthew into his own room) (6/27/17: Matthew is in his own room and his room is painted a very bright blue (that he picked out))
Go to IKEA (7/30)
Do a Random Act of Kindness with the kids (1 act done 6/30)
Everyone catches a fish in Green Lake (we barely made it, but it happened 4th of July weekend)
Primitive camping (Tracy's version of it)
Go to the pool at least 6 times (completed by 7/31)
Play Pass the Water Game with our cousins
Go to a beach (7/27)


  1. Visit Auntie Pat and Uncle Joe didn't make the list??? :(

  2. Ha ha! I wondered who would question/ask that since I put visiting people on the list. :)